There are other tools for Windows that provide a similar sort of functionality to NtTrace.
Here is a short list of some such, with some personal views of their advantages and disadvantages.

Note that Cygwin provides Unix-like strace functionality, but only for Cygwin binaries.

Strace for NT from BindView

Bindview was purchased by Symantec, I don't know where strace went.

StraceNT from IntellectualHeaven

Api Monitor from rohitab

Apimon from Microsoft

ApiMon is supplied as one of the Windows Support Tools, various versions of which exist.
For example: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools

KaKeeware Application Monitor

KaKeeware Application Monitor is a very small API monitor that allows the user to monitor the APIs called by the given application. KAM supports 2378 different APIs as of Jan 2007.


Display Win32 API calls made by applications.

Api Spy for Windows

Link was broken, Feb 2012

It allows you to examine any known API function`s calls that are resolved during the program load time and are given by APIS32.

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